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Schedule & Programs

Wee Friends has been a part of the community for over 37 years. Small classes allow for individual attention from our certified and highly experienced staff members. Our curriculum provides hands-on experiences that center on the development of the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Wee Friends is located in a charming historic building with a spacious and park-like playground. Specialists in the areas of music, library, gymnastics and yoga enhance the daily schedule. The “Wee Friends Feeling” that permeates the air is created by the bond that exists between our staff, our “Wee” friends and their families.


At Wee Friends Too we offer a wide selection of programs to meet the needs of all families:


for all sessions at extra charge



Infant -Waddler (3 – 18 Months) Our Infant, three months through eighteen months old, program is designed specifically to meet the needs of working parents.  Drop off starts as early as 7:00 A.M and pick up goes as late as 5:30 P.M.  Our infant program is housed in a large airy, well-ventilated and bright room. The room is furnished with colorful child safe toys and equipment.  Each infant has his or her own safety-approved crib, which is not shared with the other babies.  The program focuses on emotional intelligence, trust, impulse control, social attachment and motor development.  Starting at 4 months we begin language development with emphasis on early sounds and beginning vocabulary.  In addition our music and movement specialist provide enrichment to our “ Youngest Wee Friends”.  Our infant group participates in all activities that the Wee Friends enjoy and quickly become part of the Wee Friends Family.  They are the cutest and most endearing group.  You have to see it to believe.
Toddler (2 Year Old Program) We offer two different toddler groups: (2 years old) We have a half day program that meets from 9:00-11:30 and a full day that meets from 9:00 to 4:00 with extended hours available both morning and afternoon.   Our toddler program focuses on  age appropriate concepts and skills.  Through hands on activities and special theme units a vast array of learning materials are presented to our two year olds. The rooms are fully stocked with paints, play dough, collage materials, crayons, chalks, books, cds, etc.  Whether toddlers come a full day or a half-day they go home with a bag full of learning and a strong early foundation. Our toddler full day program incorporates a formal rest/nap time.   In addition all our toddler classes participate in music and movement with our specialists.

​Nursery (3-Year Old Programs) We offer four different programs for our Nursery “Wee Friends”.  We have half day from 9:00-11:30, mini 9:00-2:30 and full day 9:00-4:00. If you peek into our three year old classes you would be amazed at the wonderful world of imaginary play.  Cities are built in the block center, housekeeping areas are transformed into fancy restaurants, chairs become airplanes and boxes well they become anything and every thing imaginable.  While all this play is going on our Wee friends are learning self-direction, cooperation, and sharing.  At age three we strongly encourage logical thinking and using our words to communicate.  Through exciting thematic units our three year olds learn age appropriate skills and concepts.  Our Full Day program incorporates a formal rest/nap time.  In addition all our nursery classes participate in our music and movement program with our specialist.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs We offer three different programs for our Pre-K “Wee Friends”.  We have mini day from 9:00-2:30 and full day 9:00-4:00. Our pre-k is renowned for its high standards and innovative hands on very exciting learning.  Our curriculum incorporates Common Core foundation in a fun and innovative way. We create an environment that promotes curiosity and adventure.  We promote the asking of questions and the solving of problems. Our four-year-old curriculum encompasses reading and math readiness, science, social and emotional development, literacy, phonics, and an awareness of the world. A visit to our pre-k classes is a real treat. Our Full Day program  (9:00-400 classes) is excited to introduce an enrichment program from 2:30-4:00.  
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